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Proko Tutorials by Outrack

First ever critique so bear with me

Ah hell yeah Stan Prokoprenko. I've been showing him to a few friends of mine and some have resorted to calling him Broko.

You've nailed the Loomis method down perfectly. Good job on the odd angle's aspect as that has always frustrated me to no end. I must say however that it looks like you copied his nose and eye tutorial, as if you were following a step by step procedure when watching his videos. What I find to be most educational is that one must learn his advice, seek out an image and then attempt to draw that using the techniques and tips offered before hand.

All in all though, your foundations for the head is top notch and I hope you many successful art works from you in the future!
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Outrack Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the input! The video tutorials for the nose and eye were done step-by-step, I followed the instructions directly to get a feel for the shading (which I've always had problems with - I was also drawing digitally and not using a pencil so I was tweaking settings as I went along). I completely agree with your points and have broken away from following guides now that I'm more confident with the features, and I'll be uploading more stuff over this weekend.

I'm honored to be the first artist you're offering critique on - hope others appreciate your feedback as much as I did!
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